Herbie Hancock

The Human Revolution Orchestra are making great strides in music towards bringing the peoples of the world together.Sean Corby and Robin Eubanks are of like-minded and compassionate spirit. I happily endorse their efforts and look forward to hearing about the fruits of their accomplishments




Bennie Maupin

unnamedMy April 30, 2014 International Jazz day appearance with the HRO was truly uplifting. The structure of the orchestra was a true reflection of modern  British society. Musicians from different races, religious beliefs, spiritual and cultural  backgrounds, were ALL united as one, to bring musical joy to the people. In my opinion, nothing could have been any better. It was partly sponsored by both UNESCO and the SGI-UK, a buddhist lay organization dedicated to promoting world peace through dialogue, education and culture. Our musical dialogues were truly heartfelt. I sincerely hope to be invited again and again. What an amazing audience!







Lianne Carroll

Lianne“I have had the honour, privilege and utter happiness to sing with this incredible band. Music is such a healing and inspirational part of the universe, and to share the power of the love with these amazing souls is such a rewarding experience. The amount of love in the room between all the amazing musicians and the wonderful audience is palpable and I feel richer spiritually for being invited to be part of it. Much peace and love”




Rod Youngs

rod“Music for me has always been a vehicle for self expression.

It’s a very special way of communicating the human experience and is a means of collaborating with people from different backgrounds, but more importantly, it’s a way of connecting to people in a much deeper and profound way. Indeed, music affirms our humanity and the HRO is the perfect vehicle for this

One of the aspects I love about the HRO is its diversity. It’s like a microcosm of London or the world. It has
brought together musicians from many different backgrounds and levels of experience that would
probably not perform together otherwise. The diverse array of talent makes the group very unique indeed, but
diversity and talent are not the only aspects that make it special. It is great leadership and the good will amongst
its members. One of the virtues of humans is the ability to work for the greater good of all. Indeed, the HRO epitomises this
philosophy. That’s why I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of this organization. There is a culture of mutual
respect and trust that highlights individual creativity and generates group synergy. Indeed, the perfect recipe for
creating great music.

The HRO is a testament to what can be achieved through good leadership, humility and altruism. Indeed, an
organization that embodies a collective spirit of selflessness for the enrichment of the human spirit.”


Simon Purcell

simon_purcell“I am proud to be a member of the HRO. Clearly, being part of an ensemble comprising some of the UK’s most interesting artists is a privilege but as a devout ecumenicist, the band’s mission to be part of an international initiative aligned with Peace and Reconciliation makes this timely and important work. After healthy music-making there is generally peace and friendship…”





Martin Speake

“Music for the player and listener has the power to heal and put you in touch with your inner self if you are open to it.
When we are really in touch with our inner self we can realise what is guiding us and our conditioning that prevents us connecting in a true way with ourself and others. Wars, the capitalist system of putting profit and power before people, destruction of the natural world – these are the dominant ideologies at present that are presented to us as normal. This is only one side of humanity and this negativity is promoted by the most powerful forms of media, newspapers, television and many governments.

However there is another way and that is what is not represented in the mainstream propaganda machine. But resistance to the status quo is everywhere throughout the world in many forms. Music is neutral but it can also trigger deep feelings that often can’t be put into words.Every piece of great music effects us all in different ways. Two people can listen to Charlie Parker playing Embraceable You. One person is brought to tears because of what it triggers in them whereas another person walks away from it with boredom and unable to connect with it. Why is this? These two people have had different life experiences and one’s life experience has meant that Bird’s beauty resonates in some way and the other person’s experience doesn’t lead to the same connection with this music (but maybe with another piece of music). No particular music in itself (the notes, rhythms, chords etc.) has the power to change but the intention by the players playing the music is the powerful factor. If the intention is honest and open and free from ego, for peace, connection with ourselves and others, and to resonate with the natural world, then we will feel this and it is a good starting point for change. “