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The Human Revolution Orchestra is an ensemble featuring 20 of the UK’s leading emerging and established jazz musicians, representing the rich diversity of our scene, and joined by world renowned guests who share a commitment to artistic excellence and creating societal value through our work.

We emerged from a series of events sponsored by SGI UK, the UK branch of the global Buddhist network SGI, in celebration of UNESCO International Jazz Day, a worldwide initiative instigated by jazz musician, humanitarian and Nichiren Buddhist, Herbie Hancock.

The men and women of the ensemble share an ethos based on humanitarian values and a mission to promote inter faith dialogue and cultural understanding through music.

Based on a Buddhist concept of Itai Doshin (many in body, one in spirit) the ensemble seeks to create the type of unity which is not a mechanical uniformity. Rather, it is a unity that has at its heart respect for the diverse and unique qualities of each individual. We treasure, and work to bring the best out of each other.

We are a diverse and multi-faith ensemble, respecting each of our cultural and artistic backgrounds, and through music, express our desire to contribute to creating a better, more just society.

We seek to harness the power of music to bring joy to others, elevate minds and give expression to the heart. Jazz is a unique art form in its ability to speak to people of all backgrounds regardless of age, ethnicity, social position, nationality or gender.

From its roots in African American culture, emerging from the trauma of slavery, one of the most tragic and heinous episodes in human history, jazz has been embraced globally, and has given voice to optimism in the face of adversity and oppression. Looking to the future, we offer a model of solidarity among people working for positive change in the world.

As the great author Victor Hugo said “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

 Sean Corby

Founder And Artistic Director


Lead Singer


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Herbie Hancock

“Music speaks directly to the heart. This response, this echo within the heart, is proof that human hearts can transcend the barriers of time and space and nationality. Exchanges in the field of culture can play an important role in enabling people to overcome mistrust and prejudice and build peace.”

"When you hear them play, the world stops spinning!"
Jessica R


In partnership with a great pianist

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Where you can hear us in concert

jan 18
Ode To The Human Spirit
feb 8
Live in concert at Ronnie Scott’s featuring Robin Eubanks
may 22
Live In concert at Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester featuring Robin Eubanks
July 9
LA wave
Los Angeles
Oct 3
final stop


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